The Social Listening Tool that protects your reputation and analyzes the performance of your campaigns in real-time!

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- Your company is aware of the value of your brand and wants to stay informed: What and where it is currently being talked about?

- It is in your best interest to keep an eye on your competitors: Because certain market developments could affect the perception of your own brand.

- It is crucial for your company and its sales success to recognize trends at an early stage.

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Take advantage of the data driven software that uses AI to monitor all relevant media for you and makes your brand grow: Talkwalker!

A strong brand depends on its good reputation.
Protecting this reputation is key for the success of your communication strategy. However:

In a world full of conversations, it is extremely time-consuming to stay on top of the media landscape manually.
You’re not sure how your company is perceived and whether your actions are really driving the discussions you want to initiate.
Without measuring and reporting on past campaigns, your improvements lack focus and you continue to depend on information given to you by others.
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76% of consumers today expect companies to identify their wants and needs early on.

More variety, more speed, more personalization: the demands of today's consumers are high.

It is no longer enough to regularly post content and hope for interaction. Embrace trends before others do! Identify the topics people mention in connection with your company and spot positive drivers of these conversations. Measure sentiments online and be the first to respond.

The valuable social insights you gain through Talkwalker will help you meet the demands of modern consumers.

Stop guessing – start tracking!

Just imagine that:

You knew what your customers thought about your brand, products and advertising messages and how you could have an impact on these perceptions.

You had knowledge of the number of times your target audience talked about you and would be the first to pick up on trends - leaving competition behind.

You would stay informed on how your target audience interacted with your content and what contend worked best with your target audience.

Automated analytics reports could not only save you time, but also help you add even more objectivity to your brand strategy thanks to data-driven insights.

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We are here to help! Get to know our company:

KIRCHBAUMER.COM offers consulting services under the lead of online marketing expert Hannes Kirchbaumer. He is a certified Digital Consultant and Google Partner.

Hannes Kirchbaumer has almost 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur.
Based on his practical knowledge and studies of business administration and psychology, he developed his own approach to digital marketing. His core focus is on reaching target audiences at the right moment with the right content on the right channel.

Since 2016, KIRCHBAUMER.COM advises regional and international businesses on the implementation of their digital strategies.

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Talkwalker: a conversational intelligence platform!

With Talkwalker, you discover currently trending stories in real-time. This tool allows you to rapidly pick up the latest topics in your branch and use them to position yourself as the market and thought leader. Predict the coming trends and create ideas, products and campaigns stemming from these that will successfully reach your target group. Above and beyond this, Talkwalker protects your reputation worldwide. This software misses nothing. Thanks to AI-supported analysis, all social media channels worldwide are surveilled. You receive instant notifications for all mentions and can identify potential risks in a timely manner.

How Talkwalker works:

Talkwalker offers extensive features.
Find out in just a few clicks what people say about you online and use these valuable insights for your communication strategy.

Talkwalker's interface is easy to use and offers numerous possibilities for customization.
It is our pleasure to help you install Talkwalker in a way that is optimally adapted to your needs. Individual configuration will accelerate your success.

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What you get from working with KIRCHBAUMER.COM & Talkwalker:

Share of Voice

How often does the target group speak about you in comparison to the competition?

Social Engagement

How does the target group interact with your content? How engaged are your followers?

Perfektes Timing

When is the ideal time to post content and which content has the biggest impact?


What do customers think about your brand, product and marketing messages?


What reach do your owned and earned stories have? How many people are reached?


Who are the most important influencers in the sector for the distribution of your content?

  • AI engine: Global data coverage from Owned and Earned Media in 187 languages
  • Custom dashboards for your campaigns: paid, owned, earned media
  • KI engine: proprietary innovative Blue Silk™ technology.
  • Proprietary image recognition technology: market’s largest database of brand logos, product images, objects and backgrounds with over 30,000 pre-defined models
  • Crawling technology on 1500 servers: coverage of more than 150 million websites globally and 10 social networks
  • CRM and BI integration
  • Real-time monitoring and instant access to two years of historical data
  • Social media analytics: virality map, intuitive IQ apps
  • Social media reporting &Free Social Search
  • Audience Insights & Automated Alerts

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