Talkwalker protects your reputation and shows you how your campaigns are performing in real-time. The goal: constant optimization without nasty surprises.

Regularly posting content and hoping for interaction is not enough. Anyone who wants to be successful on social media channels has to not only keep an eye on their own posts and followers but also have general trends on the radar.

With Talkwalker, you discover currently trending stories in real-time. This tool allows you to rapidly pick up the latest topics in your branch and use them to position yourself as the market and thought leader. Predict the coming trends and create ideas, products and campaigns stemming from these that will successfully reach your target group. Above and beyond this, Talkwalker protects your reputation worldwide.

This software misses nothing. Thanks to AI-supported analysis, all social media channels worldwide are surveilled. You receive instant notifications for all mentions and can identify potential risks in a timely manner.

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By working with KIRCHBAUMER.COM & Talkwalker you get:

Share of Voice

How often does the target group speak about you in comparison to the competition?

Social Engagement

How does the target group interact with your content? How engaged are your followers?

Perfect Timing

When is the ideal time to post content and which content has the biggest impact?


What do customers think about your brand, product and marketing messages?


What reach do your owned and earned stories have? How many people are reached?


Who are the most important influencers in the sector for the distribution of your content?

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