Shopping on Instagram

A new feature on Instagram has recently caused a sensation in the online world. Shopping on Instagram is not brand new, as it has been used in the US since the end of 2016, but now the feature has been extended to other countries as well.


With the new shopping on Instagram, business profiles can be used as living storefronts. When shopping, users can discover the best products and services with just a swipe of their finger. So you have better opportunities to learn about prices and product descriptions and you don’t even have to leave the Instagram app.

If the customer has now found his favorite product, which is to be purchased, the shopping articles will automatically display links to the corresponding product pages on the website. The customer can quickly check out and put the products in the shopping cart, but can also review the other Instagram shopping products.

ere is an example from our customer b15_official, who has been successfully using the feature since day 1:

A small shopping bag features the new Shopping on Instagram. With a finger movement over the shopping bag, the customer receives information about product name and price.

Shopping on Instagram allows you to highlight photos that feature up to five products per image or up to twenty products per photo carousel. Filters and captions are still possible and can be added.


  • attentive platform
  • easy to use
  • greatly shortened Customer-Journey
  • 1 finger movemenmt & the products can be shopped
  • the traget group can directly jump to the product page
  • reduces search time
  • clicks are boosting conversions & sales
  • simple tool to present products in a lifestyle environment


Conclusion: the Shopping on Instagram function brings emotional aspects and purchase closer together than ever before.