SEO Factors 2017

Where is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) going? What we can see is that Google is getting closer and closer to their goal of ensuring that results cannot be manipulated. This makes perfectly-processed content more and more important. However, your hard work on content is always rewarded, which is only fair and definitely welcome.

Searchmetrics has been publishing analyses on the development of Google ranking factors for years. The current outlook is particularly exciting. Everything is becoming more complex as the Google RankBrain is increasingly mixed with artificial intelligence. Because Google page rating will become even more flexible in the future, it will probably be the last time that the topic of ranking factors can be considered in an analysis like that.

The increased use of machine-learning algorithms means that other factors such as keywords or backlinks have less and less impact on the results. The mentioned RankBrain helps to define the relevance of the content for the search query.

But relevance is not the only decisive factor. Everything should fit. Site loading speed, file size, https encryption, page structure, internal linking and mobile friendliness build the basis for any good ranking.

LINK TO THE STUDY (German) | Rebooting Ranking-Faktoren