LinkedIn Matched Audiences

LinkedIn just made a big step towards effective and successful online advertising! The social network with business focus made matched audiences, a new retargeting function, now also available in German-speaking countries. Advertisers can now target their website visitors or contact lists with individual and personalized ad creatives.

The world’s largest business network in social media now has about 10 million users just in the German-speaking region and numbers are constantly rising. Profiles are mostly detailed and set up with real, true information as it does not make sense to hide your professional information there. There will be the job title, sector and employer available and marketers can make perfect use of that when it comes to targeting.

Retargeting has been available and working well on Facebook and Google for a long time and now it is finally also available on LinkedIn.


With the LinkedIn campaign manager, you can create ad campaigns in a few, easy steps and then monitor and optimize them. You can use the matched audiences retargeting both on sponsored content as in InMails. Sponsored content is content from your business page that you can boost to the news feed of your audience and InMail is a sponsored direct message!


Up to now, LinkedIn ad costs were much more expansive than on Facebook and Google. With the start of matched audiences there is finally a realy retargeting function available. Potential customers can be targeted much better in the B2B environment. This way, it gets more exact what raises the conversion rate. In the 6-month test period, LinkedIn experienced a 30% better click rate with retargeting.

You will find further information about „How to use LinkedIn Matched Audiences“ here.