Instagram Hacks for Brands

With the launch of Instagram Stories and Live Video, the popular social media network has responded to trends in communication and implemented them very well. It is now possible to deliver fullscreen content in addition to the pictures and video feed. It is also possible to live stream and share these videos in the story.

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Embedded in the right strategy, you can use the maximum attention and reach the user as close as never before. Combined with this, the classic Instagram feed continues to provide great potential for corporate communication. The following hacks help to make it even more effective:


Instagram provides a variety of different filters for photos and videos. For a consistent look, companies should focus on a minimal number of filters and use them exclusively. To ensure that only the favorite filters are used, you can simply disable the other unused and superfluous filters. To do this, scroll to the end of filter selection for your photo, and then click “Manage”. Now you can deselect the unused filters and specify a sequence of used filters.


On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags to get a higher reach with your posts. Particularly important are your own branded Hashtags, which refer to your company or brand. Branded hashtags are a guarantee of familiarity, perception, loyalty and reach. In order to avoid overloading the image description, you can “hide” the hashtags. To make the hashtags invisible, you can add the hashtags under the post as a comment. After a few more comments these are no longer visible. On the other hand, you can separate the hashtags from the caption with dots and line breaks. To do so, enter the label or comment field, tap the 123 key on your smartphone, and then press the Return key. Enter a dot and repeat at least five times.


You can be inspired by your competitors’ postings. To receive notification when a particular user publishes a new post on Instagram, you must open one of the posts and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. You can now activate the notifications. But first, make sure you allow push notifications on your mobile phone. In your profile settings, you can customize how and when you want to be informed.


In your Instagram Business Profile, you can specify a clickable link that you can change at any time and as often as you want. Instead of linking to your home page, you can, for example, refer to your Facebook page or your latest blog entry. Remember, however, that your published posts should have context to the given link.


Sharing content from other users is a great way to build relationships within the social network. However, Instagram does not provide any functions to share a post directly. Instead of a conventional screenshot, you can use the apps Websta or Repost to share user-generated content in your channel. Before reposting a photo, ask the copyright owner for permission and enter it in the picture description with “photo of @username”. Please also use the Pro version of the apps, so you do not need to add additional icons in the corners.


To increase the reach of your posts on Instagram, you can add multiple sites to it. Mark not only your company location, but also interesting places that fit the published content.


Large text blocks are hard to read. You should use paragraphs to make the image description more structured and clearer. Android users can insert the paragraphs using the Return key. iOS users have to open the notes app, write the text with the appropriate paragraphs, copy the text and paste into the image description on Instagram (or post the text without paragraphs, then edit the description again). Instagram automatically applies all paragraphs. More than half of Instagram’s texts include Emojis, which allows you to make contributions more personal.


To stand out of the crowd, you can use a frame for your pictures. To insert an image frame, you must select a photo in the first step and click on “next”. After selecting the appropriate filter, click on the filter again and a new window opens. On the right side you see a small square. When you click on it, you add a frame to your image.


Collaboration with Influencers can be a successful way to increase your own reach and gain more followers. It is important to find Influencers with the same target group as your company, who regularly interacted with their followers. Social media tools like BuzzSumo help you to find the right Influencers for your brand. Also useful is, of course, the search in Instagram, with which you can search the most popular posts on different topics or at specific places and discover their authors.


What are the best times to publish a post on Instagram? The results of an analysis of Sprout Social show that weekdays – especially Monday to Thursday – are the strongest days to post something on Instagram. On Mondays the engagement of the users is the highest. In order to get to know the activity times of their own followers, the statistics in your business profile provide a good overview. As long as the content is relevant to the target group, you can not post too much.