HERO-HUB-HELP – an effective digital marketing strategy

Google has a three-step approach to effective video marketing on YouTube. With the Hero-Hub-Help concept, video content can be created and organized on a large scale. The Hero-Hub-Help concept can not only be used on YouTube, it helps building more reach and a loyal online community on all other social media channels.


Billions of people are visiting YouTube. To pass the time, to learn and get to know new things, to watch the videos and also to buy something. For this reason, a content concept is important. in order to attract the attention of viewers and to specifically influence user decisions.

Successful brands on social media channels have defined a content development strategy. They design content that offers users added value and that viewers like to watch. The most successful online brands have built an online community, mostly through the regular distribution of various content across multiple online channels.

The HERO-HUB-HELP concept is a great way to segment the content, prepare it with the appropriate goals (where, when, how, who?) and then distribute it through the right channels.


With Hero content, users who are not yet in the target group can be persuaded to interact with your brand.

Hero content should focus as much attention as possible on your business and distribute it across multiple social media channels. A maximum online presence should be achieved with it.

Successful hero content has a strong emotional impact and is targeted within media campaigns.

e.g. new product announcement, launch of a new marketing platform


With Hub content you move the user to return to the channel again. The contents are aimed at existing and potential customers.

Hub content focuses on the passions of the audience, giving them a reason to return as new content is released.

Hub content provides content on specific topics and serves to attract new followers within the audience.


Help content provides the viewer with answers and helps educate the audience. Help content is always relevant and provides the user with content and answers about product training, instructions, or questions.

Help content is about the involvement of the audience, the interests of the target audience and what kind of information or knowledge they value. The development of a follower community, which then passes on the content and also comments.

The photos are from my meeting in the Google Hamburg Office. Further information on the Hero-Hub-Help concept here.