Business Consultant

Hannes Kirchbaumer has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. At the age of 19, he took over a traditional men’s fashion business from his father. This was at a time when it was becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to compete with ECommerce, but nevertheless, he managed the business for more than five years and gained incomparably valuable experience in corporate management and restructuring.

At that time, the iPhone was just about to revolutionize communication. Online shopping had fundamentally changed our shopping habits. Hannes was ready to break new ground. He built an ECommerce business for an internet agency, thus developing and managing a variety of successful online marketing, email and social media campaigns.

Based on this experience and his studies of business administration and psychology, he developed his own digital marketing approach, one supported by and drawing on society’s progressive digitalization. His focus is on reaching target groups at the right moment with the right content on the right channel.

Since 2016, Hannes’ company KIRCHBAUMER.COM has supported clients regionally and internationally in the planning and implementation of their digital strategy.

He is a Certified Digital Consultant, a Google Partner, and maintains direct contact with the strategists of the leading social media platforms.