Email automation made easy

The latest feature of the newsletter software CleverReach for email automation is perfect for everyone who wants to optimize his email/newsletter communication. Until now, marketing automation professionals and specialists were the only ones to implement such automation. The so-called function “THEA” offers professional marketing automation for all – according to the motto: simply simpler. This does not incur any additional costs, whether you are on monthly or prepaid plan.

You create your e-mail routes on a virtual drawing board in a modular concept. The tool helps you plan and design fully automatic, event-specific, e-mail routes:


Individualized, context-based, automated emails, when correctly configured, provide customer value, making them a potential conversion provider. Two types can be distinguished:



Triggered by an action, typical triggers are registration, purchase or bookings.


Mailings sent to your recipients as part of their customer lifecycle at fixed times: welcome mail, birthday e-mail, anniversaries, reminders, reactivation mail, etc.

Depending on the requirements, industry and target group, different scenarios and e-mail routes can be automated. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Birthday e-mails, seasonal newsletters or vouchers are just the beginning.

All scenarios have one thing in common: both simple and multi-level campaigns can be automated – easy, adaptable at any time and to dynamic parameters. Thus, maximum flexibility in creation is offered.