eCommerce & IT Development

Michael Griesser, self-confessed “Digital Native” and always up-to-date with everything to do with eCommerce and IT Development. He has designed and implemented customised applications for over a decade and knows exactly how to employ the current trends.

“For the final customer, the added value of a solution must always stand out. The journey of a product to the customer must be kept simple, with as many steps as possible running automated in the background – only then can we develop and implement scalable solutions”, he says of eCommerce. “In the end, it’s all about convincing customers and shop operators.” From experience, implementing this is not always easy but it’s exactly this balancing act – between “Function” and “Usability” – that Michael Griesser has worked on with his company GANZRUND Informatik GmbH since 2007. (At a time when there were no “One-Click” shop solutions and today’s possibilities lay far in the future.)

In addition to customised eCommerce applications, Michael and his team also take care of hosting, the security of customer data, as well as the availability and stability of applications – especially right at the point when an online shop’s success goes through the roof.